Gretsch-GEAR Modern Electromatics 5126 Hollow Body

2004 Gretsch 5126: KP04010581

This guitar is for sale. Contact crb999 for details.

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Silver Sparkle/Walnut
Rosewood with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone
DeArmond 2000
Compensated Bigsby
Bigsby B700

Sperzel tuners were added.

An earthing link was added from the bridge to the pickups and this eliminated hum.

Nowhere can I find that the B700 was originally fitted but it seems unlikely that it was a modification.

Unusual factory features

It certainly didn't have Sperzel tuners but as I didn't have the guitar from new, that is all I can add.

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4 years ago Last modified 2015-08-02 13:46:50

I had a Gretsch in the 1960s. (I wish I had kept it!)

When I got married it had to go.

I had the opportunity to buy this guitar and jumped at the chance.

Now it is a 5126 but the silver glitter has a wonderful antique look about it and it would be easy to convince just about anyone who didn't understand the Gretsch numbering system, that it was in fact a gold glitter machine.

Tried to catch that in the photo but it is subtle and I didn't manage it.

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