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1968 Gretsch 6008: 10886

This guitar is for sale. Contact nevestcefrep for details.

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Body style
Flattop Acoustic
Unknown with unknown inlays

Bridge was fixed a few years ago, it started pulling away from the surface.

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It is natural color on the front face and a deep red on the sides/back. I wasn't sure which actual color to put above. My grandpa gave me this guitar about 20 (1990's) years ago. He probably got it somewhere around Wausau Wisconsin where he lived. I don't know where or when he acquired it, he never played the interment.

Your guitar is from 1968… it’s an uncommonly encountered model.

The numbers said 10886. How did you know it is 1968? Do you know a fair price for this guitar?

I read more about how to determine date with the number. Thanks you!

Gretsch was never known for the sonic excellence of their flat-top acoustic guitars (although some models did look way-cool), so they aren’t collected with the same vigor as say Martin vintage flat-top guitars. This Wayfarer appears to be a little higher-end than some of their other models, based on the fancy inlays and headstock, but it also appears to be suffering from the common binding deterioration that affects many Gretsch guitars made in the 60s. So it will be hard to put a value on it. They are so uncommon that I’ve never seen one sell, so there’s no reference there either.

If you are looking to sell, and considering that you have nothing invested, you might consider putting it up for auction on Ebay with a starting price of a couple of hundred dollars, and see what happens. Good luck with it!

nevestcefrep, if you are interested in selling it, I might be interested in buying it

This guitar is more likely a 1954 model. This serial number also fits that year. I own this model and my serial number is 12378.

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