Gretsch-GEAR Historic series 3700 Sierra Jumbo

2005 Gretsch 3700: KP05040555

Owned by
Hoot Owl
Body style
Flattop Acoustic
Rosewood with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone
Piezo-Electric (bridge)
Rosewood Flattop
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5 years ago Last modified 2015-06-11 14:10:52

Purchased used at a guitar store in Chattanooga, TN in June, 2015. Looked like it had never been played-no buckle rash, no pick guard scratches, etc. A small neck adjustment and lowering of the bridge saddle and it plays beautifully. Beautiful wood grain and sunburst finish.

This actually is a model G3700 Historic Series and is listed as a Sierra Jumbo. This model series was not listed (or I couldn't find it). Please let me know if any changes need to be made for a more correct listing.

Fixed the listing for ya, Hooty…. great looking guitar!

I’ve a rancher who look really similar to your guitar.

Very cool looking guitar. How does it sound? What would you compare it to, if anything?

It has a darker, more woody sound than my other Gretsch acoustics. I believe it has mahogany back and sides, which can give a darker sound than maple or rosewood.

Most different is the chunky neck. I like it.

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