Gretsch-GEAR Clippers 6187 Clipper

1967 Gretsch 6187: 7717

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Body style
Double Cutaway Hollowbody
Black-Red sunburst
Unknown with Dot inlays


Unusual factory features


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Much of the information asked for I am essentially clueless. As stated in my bio I played the guitar hard for about 6-8 years and then it set in its case. I took it out once in a while, but the fingers were no more. I offered it to my son about 15 years ago and I got the guitar back. Not sure why. I did have trouble keeping it tuned especially in the b and e strings. Some web searching may have found the answer. Not sure as of this writing. I am not sure of the serial number. The serial number, "I assume" was hand written on the back of the neck in a sort indelible ink. It was very hard to see, and some numbers were impossible to see. I had to turn the guitar this way and that to get varied light. The model number is what really stumps me. In the search here and in other sites I find no model number that matches mine. I wanted to add a pic, but the site allows only one. The model number is plain to see and is 7717, made in USA. I purchased the guitar sometime between 1967-1969. I graduated high school in '69 and I believe I had it before that. Also, the volume control and tone control are located side by side along the edge of the guitar. The pictures I have seen show these controls-one at the side and the other along the cutout. I saw no pictures with the controls at my guitars location. If anyone can help me with information I would appreciate it. Probably the saddest part, was along with the Gretsch I had purchased a Fender-Princeton-Reverb amp. My son had the amp when he had the guitar and the amp would not play. So, all was returned to me. The amp was lost somewhere in a few moves. Just recently I found that, that exact amp is still in production 45+ years later) and is rated pretty good, as it was (is) a tubed amp. I close with I bought the Gretsch for about $250 and the amp for the same. Now the amp is $999.00. As I stated before the guitar is aging poorly and I am not interested in its value (now). I am curious as to when it was purchased or made and just exactly what model is.

The “7717” is not the model number, its the serial number, and translates to July of 1967, which was when your guitar was produced. It’s a Clipper model 6186, and appears to be in original condition.

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