Gretsch-GEAR Jets 6130 Roc Jet

1973 Gretsch 6130: 9 3113

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Solidbody
Jet Black
Ebony with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Bone with zero fret
SuperTron II
  • Master Volume
  • Neck pickup volume
  • Bridge pickup volume
  • Pickup selector switch
  • Neck Pickup Tone
  • Bridge Pickup Tone
  • Baldwin-Type knobs
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5 years ago Last modified 2015-10-22 14:37:06

this is a roc jet correct?

Ok thank you. Do you know wicht year?

Hello, nice guitar. I used to have a black 1973 Roc Jet. Yours is a Mercedes Black 1972 or 1973 Model 7610 Roc Jet. The serial number is stenciled on the back of the head stock. The first number or the first two numbers show the month of the year your guitar was made. For example there will be a 1 if the guitar was made in January or there will be a 10 if it was made in October. The second number (or third number if your guitar was built in October November or December) is the year your guitar was made. For your guitar I am guessing this number will be a 2 or a 3 meaning 1972 or 1973. The last numbers can be one, two or three digits and they tell you which specific guitar yours is in relation to all of the other Roc Jets made that year. For example if your serial number is 102100 then you have a guitar that was made in October (10) of 1972 (2) and it is the 100th Roc Jet guitar made that year.

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