Gretsch-GEAR 6120 models 6120

2005 Gretsch 6120: JF05010010

Owned by
Mark Shimonkevitz
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Sunset/Western Orange
Ebony with Neo-Classic/Thumbnail inlays
TV Jones Classic (neck)
TV Jones PowerTron (bridge)
  • Master Volume
  • Pickup selector switch
  • Tone Switch
  • G-Arrow knobs
Bigsby B-3 (V-cutout)

Previous owner stripped out all electronics except master volume, pickup selector, and tone switch. I have left it this way so far.

I installed a set of gold Stew-Mac modern Waverly tuners. Saves over 100 grams on peg head, and looks more vintage.

I scuffed an slightly re-polished the finish on entire guitar to look more vintage and take off the poly "candy coating" gloss.

Brass Compton bridge that I had in parts bin is installed for now. I want to order a brass "swiss cheese" cross-drilled TruArc for it.

By the way, it weighs in at 7.3 lbs.

Unusual factory features

I didn't think the story is what it seems. But then I got a message from tartanphantom, and he explained the the serial number format does indicate a prototype.

Not sure about the piezo being factory though - there is no hole in top for piezo wire, no cut out in the bridge pickup ring to allow the wire to pass thru there.

Curiouser and curiouser....

Previous owner said it was a "prototype" of acoustic / electric 6120. In the case was a set of controls and wiring, including a Fishman power chip. Rectangular hole cut for battery box near tailpiece. Had a regular gold tune-o-matic, no piezo, when I got it.

Three volume control holes near f-hole. One of them was drilled after finish. Battery box hole cut after finish. I tend to believe that it was NOT a prototype, just a modification by a previous owner.

It may get a K&K arch top pickup setup, and all the volumes put back in eventually.

Actually, based on the serial number, it IS a prototype model— built in 2005. Not sure if the Fishman was part of the prototype design, but it’s entirely feasible. Was there any small hole drilled in the top underneath the bridge base? More than likely, this was a simply prototype of a 6120 update, as FMIC was updating the specs on a LOT of Gretsch models during this time— The Fishman setup was more than likely the idea of the previous owner.

However, the Serial number (built January, 2005 at the Fujigen plant) clearly indicates a prototype run— the “00XX” series of numbers (last 4 digits) is reserved exclusively for prototypes, one-offs and special runs.

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