Gretsch-GEAR Country Gents & Southern Belles 6122 Country Gentleman

1971 Gretsch 6122: 101050

Owned by
Kevin Frye
Body style
Double Cutaway Hollowbody
Ebony with unknown inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone with zero fret
  • Master Volume
  • Neck pickup volume
  • Bridge pickup volume
  • Pickup selector switch
  • Tone Switch
  • Standby Switch
  • G-Arrow knobs
Bigsby B-3

Setzer-supplied replacement pickguard added in 2010 as the final part of the restoration.

Delrin nut replaced cracked original during restoration. Factory supplied bridge and base replaced originals.

Wiring harness completely replaced in 2007.

That's about it. She's about as original as I can keep her.

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I've been the owner of this guitar since 1974. Before I bought it, it sat in the shop window for over a year and the brown top faded to a fascinating, flaming orange that shows the woodgrain underneath.

My go-to instrument for over a decade of Elvis, Country, Rock and Roll and even Disco, it simply quit working onstage in the middle of "Pipeline" one night in 1985 while I was touring with a graffiti revival band, and I put it away in the home studio for nearly 20 more years, non-working.

In 2007 I had my luthier restore it as close to original as possible. Only the pickguard, bridge, nut and wiring harness have been changed out and all match their original counterparts as closely as possible. A professional setup every couple of years is all that's done to her these days.

The guitar has some very mild binding rot near the neck heel that has not progressed in years, and a lot of the gold plating has worn off, but she still plays like butter, and has the great Gretsch Twang we all know and love. She's a solid instrument that should last another forty-four years, at least!

Update- May 2018: Year of manufacture updated per new information rec'd from Ed B. It's actually from Oct 1971, not January 1970 as I had previously thought.

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