Gretsch-GEAR Rallies 6104 Rally

1967 Gretsch 6104: missing

Owned by
Body style
Double Cutaway Hollowbody
Rally Green
Rosewood with unknown inlays
Bone with zero fret
Space Control
Bigsby B-6C (V-cutout)

Because of the pickguard and truss cover's green stripes, I would venture a safe guess this was originally green. The guitar was nicely refinished in natural, though I'm not sure why. This doesn't appear to be a professional job, but they did know about finishing wood. Notably under the pickguard by the F-hole, there is a separate piece of wood fitted to the top.. perhaps it's filler that was uncovered during stripping or was always under there under the original finish. Maybe it was damaged in some other way such as pulling electronics?

The tuners are Guild closed back, year unknown.

The Treble Boost Circuit was gone before I bought this guitar. It was then wisely wired as such: master vol, vol for each pickup. The mud and pickup switch work as to be expected. What makes this unique, the formerly treble boost portion has a 3 position switch for mud switch, standby or tone control. it has a nice wide range of sounds.

Unusual factory features

Treble Circuit battery access door on the lower back area directly behind controls. Some are located behind the neck pickup.

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