Gretsch-GEAR Other Electric Hollowbodies 6199 Convertible

1955 Gretsch 6199: 15837

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Lotus Ivory/Copper Mist
Rosewood with Humped Block inlays
Dynasonic (neck)
Grover Imperial
  • Neck pickup volume
  • Neck Pickup Tone
  • Unknown knobs
Wood compensated

Recent re-fret, new nut.

Unusual factory features

This guitar had a factory neck re-set in the late 50s as it has the heel dowel and an OK Card signed by Dan Duffy in the case.

The knobs are not 'unknown knobs' as listed above, it's just that there is no listed option for 'strap button knobs', which is what Gretsch used on these models for volume and tone controls (on the pick guard). The pots themselves are shielded in a deArmond pickup shell under the pick guard, and the pickup is suspended slightly above the spruce top of the guitar. These are all standard factory features so far as I can tell.

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I always wanted to find a two-tone 6199 Convertible Gretsch - with the cool art-deco pick guard and fat jazz body. I looked for years and found a smaller 6189 Streamliner instead. The Streamliner was more usable in a rockabilly trio - but I still lusted after and eventually found a '55 Convertible - and it's a beauty!

Found it on eBay in the USA, private seller.

Hey have you ever checked to see if this guitar is an actual solid spruce top rather than a spruce laminate? One could probably see on the inside of the square hole cut under the dearmond. Thanks

Dear Mr. Tox Sir,

Yeah the Convertible is real cool, the model I always wanted to find and eventually found one.

The top is laminated. I don’t think Gretsch were making ‘solid spruce’ tops by the time they made these mid-50s models but I could be wrong, perhaps on some flat-tops?

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