Gretsch-GEAR Jets 6134 White Penguin

1993 Gretsch 6134: 9310134-XX

Owned by
Steve Turner
Body style
Single Cutaway Solidbody
Ebony with unknown inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone
Grover Imperial
Cadillac G
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Steve Hi - Im the proud owner of a similar White Penquin - same serial #s as yours except for the (number made) - I tried to contact Fred Gretsch with the total production #s , but he only said that we have a “rare bird” - any idea how many were made in this era( of Japan) ? Ive heard of only eight - your thoughts? Southeast

Hi Kirk, Thanks for your mail, I seem to recall when I researched this upon purchasing the guitar that there was talk of some sort of ‘Black’ import of some White Penguins from Japan, sorry but I can’t remember the forum but I will check it again and pass on any info. Below is the info I was given by the seller at the time that may be of interest. Gretsch White Penguin… If you go to the above link and read Question number 4 you will see that this guitar was made during a year when Gretsch did not make any White Penguins for sale to the Public. This particular guitar was a gift from Fred Gretsch to a man who wrote a book about the Gretsch Company (Jay Scott). This was the story I was told when I bought the guitar from the original owner. When Premiere Guitar Magazine had a column called “Go Ahead, Ask Fred Gretsch” I submitted my question because up until this year there was nothing that I could find that stated that there were any White Penguins made in 93. This guitar happens to be the 16th guitar made that year and possibly the last made during 93. I have owned it for several years and it has sat in the case in my nonsmoking home. I think it still has the original strings on it as I don’t beleive it was ever played before I bought it and I have plugged it in once. So here is an instrument that otherwise would not have been on the market for several years to come. If you should have to look up the Questions with Fred Gretsch, it was in the October 2010 Premiere Guitar Magazine. In the article he answers my question about what I was told when I purchased the guitar. It is in excellent un-played condition and has no scratches or other flaws.
I hope that is of use and if you discover anymore info let me know and I will do likewise Regards Steve

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