Gretsch-GEAR Historic series 3900 Synchromatic Jr.

2001 Gretsch 3900: 311293318

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Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Ebonized Rosewood with unknown inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone
Rosewood with rosewood adjustable saddle
Unusual factory features

Pickup is a neck mounted, chrome plated, suspended type. Unusual only in that it is a single coil, which are not readily available with neck mounting tabs. Identified in Gretsch literature as a Dynasonic, it is unlike a Dynasonic in appearance, and sound, and has adjustable pole pieces protruding through the top cover. Aside from chrome plating, rather than gold, the pickup is very similar in appearance to the neck mounted humbucker Gibson installed on the oval holed Howard Roberts signature model.

Binding was artificially yellowed to give the guitar an "aged" appearance.

The body has unbound cat eye sound holes.

The compensated rosewood bridge has the Art Deco Synchromatic foot.

Volume and tone pots are miniature and mounted on the pick guard.

Output jack is mounted through the rim of the lower bout.

Tuners have no visible brand or part number and are similar in appearance to Gotoh.

Upper strap button is knurled, chrome plated, and mounted on the rim of the upper bout approximately one inch from the heel of the neck.

Truss rod cover is inscribed: Historic Series.

Back of the headstock is stamped: GP99113. The serial number on the sticker visible through the upper sound hole is a small sticker affixed over the spot where a serial number should be stamped.

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