Gretsch-GEAR Country Gents & Southern Belles 7670-Country Gentleman

1972 Gretsch 7670-Country: 121172

Owned by
Body style
Double Cutaway Hollowbody
Ebony with unknown inlays
Unknown with zero fret
Unusual factory features

I need some help finding out some things about my new Gretsch CG. So I purchased What I was told is a 1971 Gretsch Country Gentleman but there are some interesting things I been finding with the guitar. The first and possibly most puzzling thing is the label visible through the F hole. This label doesn't say Gretsch on it but rather has Clyde Edwards as the heading. I am aware that he was the master luthier for early baldwin era gretsch so I'm sure this label is connected to the company then the label has "Anno 1969" the "1969" is hand written as is the signiture on the bottom which reads Randy De Foards. there is also some sort of religious cross drawn on the label.

has anyone encounter a label like this in their collecting?

my serial number indicates that it's a 1972 or December 71 but my pickups are 50s/60s Filtertrons, not 70s era Filtertrons, which could also indicate the body may be left over from the Brooklyn factory, and finished by Clyde Edwards. I also have some binding rott which I was told is indicative of the brooklyn era guitars. Another weird thing is... the headstock, pickguard, bridge, knobs and tuners all match 70s era Booneville Gretsch specs. Did I buy some sort of Frankenstein Country Gentleman?

the label is still very confusing to me. email me if you would like to see a picture thewhippersnapper{at} any insight would be greatly appreciated

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