Gretsch-GEAR Country Gents & Southern Belles 6122 Country Gentleman

1958 Gretsch 6122: 29319

Owned by
paul smith
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Ebony with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Brass with zero fret
SuperTron (neck) and '58-60 "Patent Applied For" FilterTron (bridge)
Grover Imperial
Bigsby B-6

A few points to note on the guitar:
The original filtertron neck pickup was replaced with a supertron
A pearloid fleur de lis inlay was added to the headstock and two pearloid dot inlays were added to the neck
The tuners are old replacement Grover Rotomatics with imperial style nobs.
A back pad was added at one point but I had the snaps removed when the guitar was refinished and the snap holes are almost impossible to see on the back
The neck was refretted and rebound at some point-the body binding is in very good shape with just a couple very minor cracks
Master volume knob and pickup surrounds are not original
I believe that the back pad and Supertron were added in the '60s to mirror Chet Atkins' personal 6122, which had these same mods. Note that this guitar also has the custom Chet Atkins fixed Bigsby arm.

Refinished by Curt in 2012

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When I asked the fellow from whom I purchased the guitar about its history, I got this response (the "her" in the following note is the coworker that he purchased the guitar from):

I unfortunately don't know her former husband's last name and she is re-married and her name current married name is [removed]. Her husband who she referred to as Jim and sometimes Jimmy was a life long friend of Chet Atkins and went to the same high school in Georgia. I never asked for his last name because I work with her and thought in inappropriate. Chet Atkins often visited them when he was in the area and when he played small clubs in the area her husband would often play with him.

Of course, I have no idea whether there is any truth to these claims, but it is an interesting story.

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