240 American Orchestra Tenor

The Gretsch American Orchestra model 240 was present in the 1936 catalog, as the sole 4-string tenor model in the Gretsch branded archtop acoustic line. It's unclear if it was offered in the 1933 debut of the line, but it does not appear in the No. 33 catalog, and it was discontinued by the 1939 No. 40 catalog. Basically retaining the same specifications as the 6-string model 35, the model 240 employed a specialized trapeze tailpiece specifically for the 4-string format, and banjo-style reverse tuning pegs.
One thing to note: the Gretsch factory offered any of their models in the tenor format, as a special factory order, so not every 4-string tenor specimen we see from the 1930s is automatically a model 240. The presence of the violin finish, dot fretboard markers and the scroll headstock logo are important to accurately identifying a model 240.

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240 American Orchestra Tenor Specs

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  • The jazz years: 1930s-1953
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