7632 Corvette Deluxe

The Corvette Deluxe was produced briefly from 1976-77, after Baldwin had moved production to its Arkansas facility. The Deluxe was somewhat of an "upscale" Corvette, particularly because it featured built-in effects circuitry, similar to that found on the Gretsch Super Axe, but with different functions. The early Deluxe model features built-in treble boost and distortion circuits, while the later version has only the distortion circuit. Other features include: Van Ghent tuners in a 4x2 arrangement, a Badass wraparound bridge/tailpiece, standard humbuckers, a zero fret, rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, and a solid mahogany slab body. Known finishes are green translucent stain and ebony (black).

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7632 Corvette Deluxe Specs

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  • The Baldwin years: 1968-1987
First registered year
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Body width
13 1/2"
24 1/2"

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