Much like the near-twin 7587, the 7588 is a bit of a mystery. What we do know is in late '74 and early '75 a handful of these escaped the factory with a mix of very late Viking and Deluxe Chet/Super Chet features. It appears the 7587 was the red-finished version, while the 7588 wasn't. But this is where it gets even trickier: where normally a different model number would denote a different finish in the vintage era, both sunburst version and natural finish 7588's have been spotted. So definitive 7588 specs are still in question. Whatever the definitive 7588 specs turn out to be, it shares general features with the 7587: Both had what appears to be a very late Viking body with a fixed bridge replacing the tuning fork bridge found on most 7585 and 7586 Vikings, coupled with a Baldwin-era Country Club-style tailpiece. On top of that, they had the floral-inlay neck from the Super Chet. However, at least one 7588 has what appears to be a factory bent-arm Bigsby. Definitely strange.

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7588 Specs

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  • The Baldwin years: 1968-1987
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