61XX Chet Atkins Junior

The Chet Atkins Junior is an unusual and extremely rare little guitar. So rare, in fact, that we're unable to even confirm the model number. What we do now is that the Junior was made somewhere from 1969 to 1971 (although probably not all those years) and appears to be made up of whatever Gretsch seemed to have leftover in the parts bin. The body was apparently leftover from the Rambler: a 12 3/4"-wide thinline hollowbody with a 23 1/4 scale. But while the Rambler was usually seen as a low end-guitar, the Junior had a Supertron on the neck, a proper rocking bar bridge, standby switch, a Burns vibrato and Chet Atkins name on the pickguard. Note that the Burns had largely been phased out by the end of the '60s, further reinforcing the parts-bin nature of the Junior.

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61XX Chet Atkins Junior Specs

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  • The Baldwin years: 1968-1987
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