6134 White Penguin

Original vintage White Penguins are among Gretsch's rarest and most sought after models. Based on the Duo-Jet, the Penguin was released alongside the White Falcon and featured similar deluxe appointments, right down to the winged headstock and gold binding. Except it was never really released. It made one brief appearance on a late 50s price list, no appearances in any catalogs, and so few were made -- less than 100 -- that it hardly made any appearance in any stores, either. Couple a Falcon-like price tag with an utter lack of promotion or production, and you've got a sure-fire recipe for rarity. None

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6134 White Penguin Specs

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  • The golden years: 1954-1967
  • The rebirth years: 1988-2002
  • The Fender years: 2003-present
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