6130 Roundup

"Roundup" has always referred more to a style than any one guitar. Originally there was the 6130 Roundup and the very similar 6121 Chet Atkins Solidbody, which is often mistaken for a Roundup. There have been several "cowboy jet" models since then, all of which have been called Roundups at one time or another. But in the beginning, there was the original 6130 Roundup, which debuted in 1954 wearing all the cowboy trimmings of the time, and then some: Roundups are easily spotted by their "belt buckle" tailpiece, distinctive knotty pine top and a massive steer head on the pickguard. The original Roundup only survived until 1958. In the 90s the Roundup name was revived, but the actual guitar was closer to the 6121 Solidbody. None of the distinctive Roundup features were present. Over the next 10 or 15 years it became a good bit more faithful to the original, especially in the 2003-2006 era. At the end of 2006, the 6130 got a name change and became the 6121-1955. Aside from the fact that it had always been more like the classic 6121 than a 6130, this also cleared the path for the 6130-KP Knotty Pine reissue, a truly faithful recreation of the original 6130, right down to the belt buckle tailpiece.

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6130 Roundup Specs

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  • The golden years: 1954-1967
  • The rebirth years: 1988-2002
  • The Fender years: 2003-present
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