6128-GH George Harrison

In 2010 Gretsch released a limited edition Custom Shop model faithfully recreating George Harrison's famed '57 Duo Jet, with the model number 6128-GH. Only sixty were made, and they cost more than a decent car. In 2011, the one mere mortals had been waiting for arrived: and it was known as... the G6128T-GH. Yup, they re-used the model number from the custom-shop version. But that's OK, because the regular production line guitar was priced within reach of ordinary folks, while still being extremely faithful to Harrison's original, right down to the all-black finish Harrison applied in the Hamburg days. Unusual features include a unique 2"-deep, lightweight mid-’50s-style chambered body, an offset strap button on the lower bout and Harrison’s signature on the truss rod cover.

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