6120-DE Duane Eddy

In the pre-Fender era, the 6120DE was the Ebony Burst finished version of the Duane Eddy signature model, along with the more common orange 6120DEO. Of course, the model was discontinued when Eddy wandered astray into Gibsonland for a few years, and '57 6120 fans contented themselves with the 6120DSV. But by 2011 Duane had returned to the fold, and in April 2011 an all-new 6120DE joined the lineup. The new DE is notable for its combination of trestle bracing and Dynasonics, standard Tru-Arc bridge, and its unique Desert Sunrise orange finish. Also worth noting is the Bigsby, which is technically a B6CBDE. It different from the standard V-cutout B6C in two ways: the standard Duane Eddy-style “DE” handle and extra-long string-retainer pins. None

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6120-DE Duane Eddy Specs

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  • The rebirth years: 1988-2002
  • The Fender years: 2003-present
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