6120 Chet Atkins Hollowbody/Nashville

The 6120 is the classic, iconic big orange Gretsch. From 1955-1966 it was the 6120 Chet Atkins Hollowbody, then it picked up the "Nashville" name. In 72, Baldwin changed the model number to 7660, but that was a relatively short-lived aberration. When Gretsch came back from the dead in 1989, the 6120 model number returned as well. With Gretsch reacquiring the rights to the Atkins name in late 2007, the 6120 dropped the Nashville name and was once again known as the Chet Atkins.

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6120 Chet Atkins Hollowbody/Nashville Specs

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6120 models
  • The golden years: 1954-1967
  • The Baldwin years: 1968-1987
  • The rebirth years: 1988-2002
  • The Fender years: 2003-present
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