6114-AS New Jet

New Jets were never particularly common, and the AS are easily the least common version. In fact, they may have never been an official offering at all. The AS stood for Antique or Amber Sunburst, depending on who you asked. In practice, that meant a very Les Paul-like cherry burst, and all the usual 6114 features. Unfortunately, updating a classic is never easy, and the 6114 New Jet proved it. While they have a dedicated following now, when they were new they just couldn't find an audience. On paper, they looked great — take the classic Jet formula, add some hot TV Jones pickups, flamed maple tops and the kind of features that would lure Les Paul players away from their Gibsons, and watch it take off. The reality was a bit different, as the New Jet lurched through a couple of years of indifferent response before being quickly killed as Fender took the reins in 2003. On its introduction in 2001, Gretsch touted the 6114A (natural amber "Antique Maple" finish) and the other New Jets as "great sounding, beautiful guitars. They are simple yet sophisticated. They are sure to win the hearts of modern guitar lovers and soon to join the ranks of true Gretsch classic." The New Jet differed from the standard Duo Jet in many ways. Aside from the TV Jones-designed pickups, the New Jet had a slightly thicker body with a "comfort-fit back", jumbo frets and a stud-mounted Tune-O-Matic bridge with a G-stop tailpiece rather than a floating bridge. Four versions were offered: the 6114A in "Antique Maple" (natural), the 6114R in Translucent Red, the rarely seen Translucent Black 6114B, and the never-seen 6114AS in Antique(Amber) Sunburst.

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6114-AS New Jet Specs

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