The 6113 is little-known footnote in Tennesseean history, with more than slightly hazy origins... As the 6119 Tennessean was transitioning from the early, single-pickup version to the Electrotone-bodied version in the early 60s, there was apparently some movement at Gretsch HQ to drop the 6119 and instead offer an all-new 6113 model. This reportedly created a bit of kefluffle with Chet Atkins regarding royalties, so the 6113 was shelved and the twin-pickup 6119 Tennessean we know and love picked up where the stillborn 6113 left off. Very, very few 6113 models escaped the factory, but they are out there, confounding Tennessean fans.

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  • The golden years: 1954-1967
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