6106 Princess

The 6106 Princess was aimed at, marketed to and "designed for the feminine guitarist." Essentially a pastel-colored Corvette with a padded back, the Princess was actually offered in four different color combinations, complete with matching amplifiers (a 6150-type was shown in the ads) and straps. The Princess didn't exactly introduce millions of women to the wonders of guitars, though, and after 1963 it was gone. The few that are seen today are almost always found in a white with gold pickguard color scheme. The matching amps, straps, alternate colors and other Princess-y stuff are just never seen anymore. Besides the white and gold Princess, Gretsch also cataloged white with "grape" pickguard, pale blue with white pickguard and and pink with white pickguard versions. Other color combinations have turned up, but they may have been refinished.

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6106 Princess Specs

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  • The golden years: 1954-1967
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