6003 Grand Concert/Jimmy Rogers/Folk

Probably the single most distinguishing characteristic of the 6003 is the sheer number of names the same guitar was given. 6003 nomenclature seemed to change according to the prevailing winds, who you asked and the phases of the moon. Among the various names given the flattop: Whatever it was called, the 6003 was a mainstay of the Gretsch line for years and quietly sold quite a few copies. As a guitar, it was what it was... a fair to middling Martin copy with a solid spruce top and mahogany sides. As near as can be determined, 6003 production probably began in 1951, although it's difficult to be sure. It was left out of the '51 catalog in favor of the 6004 Burl Ives. These early 6003 models are either known as the "Grand Concert" or simply the 6003. By 1955 it was holding strong with the "Grand Concert" moniker. It cost $100, when the Rancher was nearly twice as much at $175. From roughly 1959 to 1963 the 6003 was known as the Jimmie Rodgers or the Jimmie Rodgers Folk Singer model. It was listed in the '63 catalog as the 'Folk Singing', but by 1965 it had become simply "Folk". At the end of 1971 it switched to the 7506 model designation.

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6003 Grand Concert/Jimmy Rogers/Folk Specs

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  • The jazz years: 1930s-1953
  • The golden years: 1954-1967
  • The Baldwin years: 1968-1987
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