400 Synchromatic

The opulently appointed 400 was Gretsch's top of the line Synchromatic, and it remains an extremely sought after guitar. The large, 18" Synchromati 400 was 4" deep and featured 13 layers of black, white and gold sparkle on the body, as well as seven layers on the f-holes, neck and headstock. The humped-block fretboard markers even got a diagonal line of gold sparkle inlay. The 400 was revived in the '90s, albeit with only a passing resemblance to its former self. The modern 400 has a 17" body and 24.5 " scale, fewer layers of binding, a rosewood neck and a steel-reinforced neck the originals lack.

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400 Synchromatic Specs

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  • The jazz years: 1930s-1953
  • The rebirth years: 1988-2002
  • The Fender years: 2003-present
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