Beginning life in the mid-30s as part of the American Orchestra 100, the 100 didn't really hit stride until it found a place near the bottom of the Synchromatic line in 1939. At its $100 price point, the Synchromatic 100 had a lot less Synchromatic in it than its bigger brothers: not only were cat-eye soundholes missing, but most other Synchromatic appointments were conspicuously absent, too. The 100 did have binding around the body, headstock, neck and pickguard, though, and it still had a spruce top, though. After the war, the 16", "Auditorium Special"-sized 100 picked up a 6014 model number in 1949 and eventually transformed into the 6014 Corsair in 1955. As the Corsair, it lasted until about 1963. One of the few changes was a step down-market in 1952, when binding was removed from the f-holes and pickguard. None

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100 Specs

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  • The jazz years: 1930s-1953
  • The Fender years: 2003-present
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