Gretsch Guitar Knobs

Gretsch used some of the most distinctive knobs of any guitar manufacturer, but not until after 1954. Prior to that, Gretsch used fairly plain plastic knobs.

In 1954 they switched to gold or chrome-plated brass, with a plain top and a hatched pattern on the side. Then, from '55 to '57 an arrow was added, embossed in the top.

The "Plain Arrow" knobs turned out to be pretty transitional, as '57 to '67 models have the best-known Gretsch knobs, with an arrow piercing an embossed Gretsch "G". These became the definitive Gretsch knobs, and were used on virtually all models (although White Falcons got a jewellled variant).

In the late '60s, under the Baldwin rule, there was a switch to an aluminum knob with the G and arrow silkscreened on instead of embossed in.

In the '90s Gretsch used a knob that closely resembled the old brass "G and Arrow" knobs, although they had a coarser cross-hatch pattern on the side, and they were a slightly different size.

During the Fender era, the knobs were revised again to more closely resemble the classic G-arrow knobs.