Anniversary models

The Gretsch Anniversary series debuted in 1958 as a celebration of 75 years since the company’s founding. In what must be among the longest anniversary celebrations ever, Gretsch has pretty much kept on making Annies ever since. In fact, they’ve celebrated a few new anniversaries along the way.

For many, the ultimate vintage Annies are the originals. For the first two years, Anniversary models were equipped with FilterTron humbuckers, making them essentially a budget-priced 6120. All they lack are the bound f-holes and headstock of the more upscale models and a stock Bigsby.

Budget-priced was the key: From the beginning, Anniversary models were “promotionally priced”, and as the ‘60s began, Gretsch began moving them farther downscale. In 1960, Rosewood fingerboards began to replace ebony and HiLoTron single-coils began to replace FilterTrons. By the end of 1961, the changeover was complete.

But even as Gretsch took the Anniversary down market, they came out with a pair of high-end stereo versions, the sunburst 6111 and Smoke Green 6112. On Anniversaries, the already low-output HiLo’s were split to provide the stereo output, making the system even less functional than it was on FilterTron-equipped stereo guitars. Since the system was only offered in 1961 and 1962 and was never particularly popular, stereo Anniversarys are extremely rare. They can be easily spotted by their closely-spaced pickups.

During the Baldwin era, the Single Anniversary was quietly dropped, as were the Smoke Green Anniversaries. The sunburst finished 7560 Double Anniversary soldiered on as through the 70s, until 1977, when it, too was dropped.

The Anniversary line quickly returned In the modern era, and has proliferated since its return. In addition to both FilterTron and HiLoTron-equipped versions, Gretsch has also celebrated with the Bamboo Yellow/Copper Mist 120th Anniversary and the Jaguar Tan/Gold 125th Anniversary.

The Gretsch-GEAR database includes 26 different models and 453 examples in the Anniversary models family, including "Double" Anniversary, "Single" Anniversary, 125th 125th Anniversary, 130th Anniversary, 135th Anniversary, Anniversary, Anniversary Junior, Cats-eye, Double Anniversary, JR 130th 130th Anniversary Jr, Players Edition Anniversary, Sarah Gallenberger and Vintage Select Edition '60 Anniversary models.

Guitar models in the Anniversary models group

6111-Stereo Anniversary
Documented years: 1961


6112-Stereo Anniversary
Documented years: None

Two-tone smoke green

6117 "Double" Anniversary
Documented years: 1958 to 1972

Like other Anniversary models, the sunburst-finished version of the classic Double Anniversary was introduced in 1958, originally with twin FilterTron pickups. In 1960 HiLoTron pickups replaced the FilterTrons and rosewood replaced ebony for the fretboard, and after that the 6117 continued relatively unchanged through the '60s. In the early 70s ...

6117 Cats-eye
Documented years: 1957 to 1967

Only available from 65-68

6117-HT Anniversary
Documented years: 1962 to 2009

From about 2003 to 2006 Gretsch offered two different HiLoTron-equipped versions of the 6117. The Bigsby-less G6117-HT was not as popular as the Bigsby-equipped 6117T-HT.

6117-T-HT Anniversary
Documented years: 2004 to 2014

With Bigsby and HiLoTron pickups.

6118 "Double" Anniversary
Documented years: 1958 to 2013

Two-tone green

6118-130th 130th Anniversary
Documented years: 2013

To celebrate 130 years since the company founding, Gretsch released this custom shop complement to the regular pro-line 130th Anniversary Jr. The custom shop 130th Anniversary was created by Master Builder Stephen Stern and came with a faux alligator case, a 130th Anniversary leather strap and an embroidered utility bag. ...

6118-JR Anniversary Junior
Documented years: 2001

A shrunk-down, 14" version of the Anniversary.

6118-LTV Anniversary
Documented years: 2006 to 2010

Lacquer-finished, with TV Jones pickups

6118-SGG Sarah Gallenberger
Documented years: 2012 to 2013

In 2012 Gretsch commissioned artist Sarah Gallenberger to craft a series of hand-painted Anniversaries. They were given the SGG designation.

6118-T Anniversary
Documented years: 1964 to 2018

With Bigsby

6118-T-120 Anniversary
Documented years: 2003 to 2006

The original Anniversary, released in 1958 as a celebration of Gretsch's 75 years in business, was a mainstay of the Gretsch lineup. So it was only fitting that 2003 found Fender Musical Instruments Corp. — being in control of Gretsch’s manufacturing and distribution since the previous year — deciding to ...

6118-T-135 LTD 135th Anniversary
Documented years: 2018 to 2020

After having well-received special Anniversary models for the company's 120th and 125th and 130th anniversaries, they pretty much had to roll out something interesting for the 135th, and they did, with the lovely two-tone Casino Gold/Dark Cherry Metallic 135th Anniversary. Other notable features included '59 trestle bracing, a string-thru Bigsby, ...

6118-T-60 Vintage Select Edition '60 Anniversary
Documented years: 2016

Introduced in 2016, the Vintage Select Edition '60 Anniversary features trestle bracing, TV Jones TV-HT Hilo'Tron pickups, Gretsch Squeezebox capacitors, a rosewood fretboard, bone nut, and Grover Sta-tite tuning machines.

6118-T-JR Anniversary Junior
Documented years: 2004 to 2009

Junior Anniversary with Bigsby

6118-T-LIV Players Edition Anniversary
Documented years: 2016 to 2018

Introduced in 2016. The Players Edition Anniversary model features a thinner 2.25" body with ML bracing, rosewood fingerboard with neo-classic markers, Gretsch HS FilterTron pickups, pinned rocking bar bridge, string-thru B6C Bigsby tailpiece, no-load master tone control, treble-bleed circuit. Finished in two-tone Lotus Ivory and Metallic Charcoal (dark platinum) gray.

6118-T-LTV 125th 125th Anniversary
Documented years: 2007 to 2012

The 125th Anniversary was offered in 2008 to celebrate Gretsch's 125 years in business. It was distinguished by a special two-tone Jaguar Tan/Gold lacquer finish, but also featured TV Jones PowerTron pickups, Sperzel locking tuners, a factory-pinned bridge and the all-new "ML" bracing, which no previous Gretsch guitar had featured. ...

6118-T-LTV JR 130th 130th Anniversary Jr
Documented years: 2013 to 2014

Following on the heels of the successful 120th and 125th Anniversary models, Gretsch introduced this Jr model to celebrate their 130th anniversary. Fans had been clamoring for a return of the Jrs since their demise a few years previously, and the 130th delivered with a few new extras, including a ...

6118-T-SGR Players Edition Anniversary
Documented years: 2016 to 2018

Introduced in 2016. The Players Edition Anniversary model features a thinner 2.25" body with ML bracing, rosewood fingerboard with neo-classic markers, Gretsch HS FilterTron pickups, pinned rocking bar bridge, string-thru B6C Bigsby tailpiece, no-load master tone control, treble-bleed circuit. Finished in two-tone Light/Dark Smoke Green.

Documented years: None

The standard 6118, in left-handed form.

6118-TLH-125th Anniversary
Documented years: 2010 to 2012

Left-Handed version of the 6118-T-LTV-125th Anniversary model. ML bracing; Two-tone Jaguar Tan and Gold lacquer finish. Powertron Pickups; Sperzel tuners; pinned Tune-o-matic bridge, Left-handed B6C Bigsby tailpiece

6118-TLH-LTV 130th Anniversary
Documented years: 2013

Identical to the 6118T-LTV, in left-handed form.

6124 "Single" Anniversary
Documented years: 1954 to 1968


6125 "Single" Anniversary
Documented years: 1958 to 1993

The 6125 was the two-tone green version of the Single Anniversary.

7560 Double Anniversary
Documented years: 1973 to 1976

The Baldwin-era version of the classic 6117 sunburst-finished Double Anniversary.