Gretsch-GEAR Jets 6128-GH George Harrison

2011 Gretsch 6128-GH: JT11040001

Owned by
Olivia Anne
Body style
Single Cutaway Solidbody
Jet Black
Rosewood with Humped Block inlays
Grover StaTite
  • Master Volume
  • Master Tone (knob)
  • Pickup selector switch
  • G-Arrow knobs
Bigsby B-3C (V-cutout)

Stephen Stern clarifies about this guitar, "The tailpiece is a Bigsby B3C . . .. [there is a V cut out]

The Phillips head screw that holds the Bigsby arm in place is vintage correct.

The head of the screw was blackened to match the one on George’s original Duo-Jet.

Also on George’s original Bigsby the tailpiece had only 2 screws holes and a hole for the strap knob.

There was no screw hole at the bottom of the Bigsby hinge like the ones they make today."

Unusual factory features

George Harrison signature truss rod cover; BIGSBY® B3C [V cut out] tailpiece with a black Phillips head tremolo arm pivot bolt; an offset strap button on lower bout; off-set mounted strap carriage bolt on butt of body; vintage style "rocking bar" bridge with rosewood base.

7/09/14 Addition: Stephen Stern posted an update to this profile when Olivia Anne first loaded this into the data base. But, that comment is not among my records. Perhaps, he will return to update again.

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This is another of the GreTscH Guitars George Harrison loved and brought to the consciousness of those who loved his music and the music of the Beatles. She is featured on many of his recordings. George had his G6128T on the cover of his cloud nine album.

I attended the ceremony during which Dhani Harrison, George's son, signed with GreTscH/FMIC to introduce this Signature Guitar and discussed this G6128T-GH with him, then. {}

This guitar is one of the Terada production run of the George Harrison Duo Jet Series. She came to be with me on 12/01/11 as a memento, a display piece, as necessary Gear of an "Ultimate George Girl." But, she called to be my path to becoming not only one who loves her, but who plays her, with the HELP! of a village. Because of how she came to be mine, one day while playing the song, I learned her name–Amazing Grace. She is well loved.

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