Gretsch-GEAR 6120 models 6120-EC Eddie Cochran

2011 Gretsch 6120-EC: JT110520XX

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Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Rosewood with Cow and cactus inlays
P-90 (neck) and Dynasonic (bridge)
Grover StaTite
  • Master Volume
  • Neck pickup volume
  • Bridge pickup volume
  • Master Tone (knob)
  • Pickup selector switch
  • Arrow knobs
Compensated Bigsby
Bigsby B-6

I have replaced the Gold Plate B6 Vibrato with the moving arm to an Anodised Bigsby with a Fixed arm ( I bought a new Bigsby B6, and a wide handle stationary arm and after asking for advice here and from Bigsby themselves, I took the unit and arm to Steve at "CREATIVE METALWORK", Bodmin, Cornwall. Steve took the unit apart, had the unit and the arm anodised and then put it all back absolutley FANTASTIC JOB!!!! ).The Bigsby saddle has been replaced with a Wayne Compton Custom made saddle. (USA)The Lindy Fralin P90 has been switched for an "Antiquity" Seymour Duncan. (DC Resistance 7.87k)The Gretsch Dynasonic has been switched for a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Dynasonic. (DC Resistance 11.20k)I still have all the original bits (Bigsby / Pups, Bridge) in case I need to switch it all back when the world comes to an end and I need to sell it to pay for my seat on the space shuttle setting up a colony on the moon! 8-)

Unusual factory features

I believe the 9.5" radius is an unusual feature carried over from the Custom Shop "Cochran", and also the hollow-body apparently has less bracing than, say, the DSW model? I've never owned a DSW, so I can't be sure of the differences?

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I always wanted an Eddie Cochran guitar, ever since hearing the story from my dad when I was a kid about what happened to him. There was one of his LPs playing while we were making an Airfix Spitfire. I really liked it, and I asked Dad what he was doing "now". I got the story and, at age 6, I was crying my eyes out! Years later, I stood at the crash site at Rowden Hill, Chippenham, just staring at that plaque. Someone was parked across the street with their music blaring out. It was something god awful (Queen or something),and the feeling you get, staring at that plaque with that in the background is a feeling of utter despair!

nice to see you got your guitar listed as yours again,, I’m still trying!

Lol. My 5420T is missing though PS where’s your paypal, is it the email addy I have? I will try to get some pennies to you as soon as I can.

Yes mate email ad. Well you can put a pick up when the works been done I reckon. They will look like twins !

HIYA Great looking guitar , if you’re thinking of goingto the moon take the Gretsch with you. I’ve got a 6120 W 1957 under BAZ.

If the music was god awful, it couldn’t have been Queen. Nice guitar.

More pictures please. How much was the anadoized unit cost to do? Nut? Bridge? Thank you

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