Gretsch-GEAR Modern Electromatics 5235 Pro Jet

2008 Gretsch 5235: CYG080804XX

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Solidbody
White/Jet Black
Rosewood with Neo-Classic (thumbnail) inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone
  • Master Volume
  • Master Tone (knob)
  • Pickup selector switch
  • Jeweled knobs

Upgraded the pots to CTS 500k from Allparts, and a 47 tone capacitor, replaced the Gretsch strap locks with Schaller strap locks, and had the frets polished to ditch that "speed-bump" feel. I also bought the arrow/jewel knobs (The "G-arrow metric knobs wouldn't fit the new straight shaft posts), Wilkinson tuners, and replaced the bridge saddles with Graph-tec saddles. I also removed the pick guard. She's now nothing short of a silky smooth, tone monsta', killin' machine...No plans on any other modifications.

P.S. Don't believe all the talk about these pickups (Gretsch mini humbuckers) being crap. I strongly suggest changing the pots, adjusting the pickups right then giving 'em a go for a while before you drop any unnecessary money into her. To me, they have a unique Gretsch sound a bit apart from the "norm" and sound great. (Run these pups through a VOX AC30, Fender Twin, or my new favorite, a Peavey Classic 100 and WOW, SAWEET!) I'm also not seeing many G5235W's out there... (The "W" is for white) so if you have one hold on to it... the white/gold is one helluva' color combo as well, and although this isn't a mod, the white and gold is aging amazingly awesome.

Unusual factory features

Although not very unusual, this is the 125th Anniversary Electromatic G5235W model with the
"Gretsch 1883-2008" metal badge on the back bottom portion of the headstock.

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Just your typical boy meets Gretsch love story. An impulse "Buy it Now" off e-bay for pennies to the dollar. Delivered, strummed, saw potential, lightly modded, set up, re-strung, and BLOWN AWAY!

I love this guitar. It looks, feels, plays, and sounds like a $2500+ guitar. <-- no joke.

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