Gretsch-GEAR Modern Electromatics 5120 Hollow Body

2008 Gretsch 5120: KS080441XX

Owned by
Body style
Single Cutaway Hollowbody
Unknown with unknown inlays
Delrin/Synthetic Bone
  • Master Volume
  • Bridge pickup volume
  • Unknown knobs
Bigsby B-7

I didn't make any. It came fully equipped with everything I like.

Unusual factory features

I really can't say. I am a trumpet player that decided to learn the guitar last year. I have known the quality of Gretsch for years. I played this guitar in the store, liked it, and decided to take it home with me.

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I brought an Epiphone Wildkat two months ago, but- this guitar seemed to be calling me. I visit the music stores on the regular to see what's new and dream like a lot of guys do. I went back to one of the major stores and looked at it for five days in a row. The last day, some other musician was playing it to decide on it. I just watched in pain. One of the clerks who knows that I came in several times called a manager, I guess. Finally, one of the floor managers asked me about it. It was sort of mystical. He asked if I had talked to someone about the instrument. I explained my side about having just got a new guitar but feeling like there was something making me come look at this one for a week. He smiled and said there is an obvious connection. He said he would let me buy it on credit with no money down if I really felt that I wanted it, but; he wasn't going to push it. He got approval from his manager to discount it further for me and let me get it on credit, with no money down. It was like GOD WANTED ME TO HAVE THIS GUITAR. It is a beautiful guitar with a great sound. I TRULY BELIEVE THAT THIS GUITAR HAS A SOUL.

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