Gretsch guitars

have always been a little bit special … and a little bit different.

The colors, the features and, of course, the sound – all blend together to provide a different kind of experience. The Gretsch experience.

Gretsch guitars have fallen in and out of fashion through the years. The company's fortunes have waxed and waned. Through it all, one thing has remained true:

No matter where or when the guitars were produced, and no matter what sort of different ideas and gimmicks were being tried, one thing has linked all Gretsch guitars... that Great Gretsch Sound.

Gretsch guitar families


Includes 75 models and 453 examples

Modern Electromatics

Includes 88 models and 597 examples

6120 models

Includes 39 models and 663 examples

Anniversary models

Includes 22 models and 307 examples

Archtop Acoustics

Includes 48 models and 120 examples

Atkins in the '70s: Axes and Chets

Includes 10 models and 21 examples


Includes 19 models and 60 examples

Brian Setzer signature models

Includes 19 models and 147 examples


Includes four models and 63 examples

Corvettes, Princesses, Twists & CVTs

Includes 11 models and 56 examples

Country Clubs

Includes 14 models and 145 examples

Country Gents & Southern Belles

Includes 16 models and 231 examples

Early Electromatics

Includes eight models and 22 examples

Historic series

Includes 51 models and 110 examples


Includes 75 models and 453 examples

Modern Electromatics

Includes 88 models and 597 examples

Modern Synchromatics

Includes 39 models and 24 examples

Other Electric Hollowbodies

Includes 19 models and 57 examples

Other electric solidbodies

Includes 26 models and 58 examples

Other flattop acoustics

Includes 46 models and 71 examples

Other stringed instruments

Includes 18 models and 13 examples


Includes three models and 14 examples


Includes 32 models and 55 examples


Includes eight models and 44 examples


Includes 14 models and 224 examples

Traveling Wilburys

Includes six models and four examples

Van Eps

Includes six models and two examples


Includes nine models and 19 examples

White Falcons, Black Falcons

Includes 31 models and 192 examples