Gretsch guitars

Gretsch guitars have always been a little bit special … and a little bit different.

The colors, the features and, of course, the sound – all blend together to provide a different kind of experience. The Gretsch experience.

No matter where or when the guitars were produced, and no matter what sort of different ideas and gimmicks were being tried, one thing has linked all Gretsch guitars... that Great Gretsch Sound.

The Gretsch Guitar Encyclopedia And Registry – Gretsch-GEAR – is the most complete database of Gretsch guitars in the world. It includes every known Gretsch guitar model and seeks to document every possible guitar Gretsch ever made, from the most exotic, idiosyncratic and unusual all the way to today's top-sellers.

We believe each Gretsch guitar has helped contribute to what has come to be known as ‘that Great Gretsch Sound’. Each one is a small but integral part of Gretsch history. When you add your guitar, you help us document this history.

Gretsch guitar families


Includes 86 models and 700 examples

Modern Electromatics

Includes 96 models and 979 examples

6120 models

Anniversary models

Archtop Acoustics

Atkins in the '70s: Axes and Chets


Brian Setzer signature models


Corvettes, Princesses, Twists & CVTs

Country Clubs

Country Gents & Southern Belles

Early Electromatics

Historic series


Modern Electromatics

Modern Streamliners

Modern Synchromatics

Other Electric Hollowbodies

Other electric solidbodies

Other flattop acoustics

Other stringed instruments





Traveling Wilburys

Van Eps


White Falcons, Black Falcons