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When my dreamboat comes home - Grady Martin tribute


Hi! It’s been a while since I was here. Marriage, new baby etc etc... anyhow I’ve been doing a bit of recording for a small instrumental trio project called The Shivers - here’s our take of the Grady version of the tune

When my dreamboat comes home


I liked that a lot. Very fine picking and phrases


Thats Great love the arrangement and had a listen to My Babe very fine stuff.


Some great pickin' there Dawg,loved Beecher Boogie,Goofin' Around,My Babe,Grady's Bounce and Bossa Nova Baby too!

Good to see ya posting again sir!


Man, you guys or on fire, today! Pretty fine, DaddyO!


Excellent. Great snare drum tone on Dreamboat too.


Wow. Nice!

Might have to “borrow” some of your licks

Really nice.


VERY Nice!!! Great picking by you, Dawg!


Not bad!

Keep at it, you're gonna get better, you'll see !


I enjoyed this a lot - really stylish playing, and the bassist and drummer sound really together on it too; good solid sound.


Man,has we got talent or what ? Nice.


Always great to hear you play Dawg. Super recording, the fidelity of the drums and bass is just so right.

The Damnation Twist is still one of my favourite driving companions. What a fantastic album, highly recommended.


Thanks everyone. I’m humbled - we just got together in a rehearsal room and recorded a few tracks and we’ve now got a gig coming up. Should be fun


Went to see Dawg playing with his trio The Shivers last night.

If you ever get the chance, don't miss the opportunity to hear them play. Effortless blend of Jazzy, Blues and Rockabilly elements which jostle like a three horse race where the leader swaps every furlong and everyone's a winner. Great sounds, great empathy, just a fantastic gig.

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