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Two More Bottles of Wine


I've been in a bit of a musical funk for a while now. The current pandemic hasn't helped, but it's been going on longer than that. I think when our drummer passed away suddenly 2 or 3 years ago I just sort of lost interest in music. I've dabbled with a couple of bands since, but they didn't last long and I rarely play at home.

After some encouraging words from Shuie Ade I decided I needed to blow some cobwebs out and do a little recording. I've always loved this Delbert McClinton track ever since I heard Emmylou Harris do it in the late '70s, and I thought it might be cool to do a rockabilly version of it.

I recorded the guitar parts just as temporary guides with the intention of replacing them with better ones once I'd got the rhythm section done, but try as I might I can't seem to capture the spirit of the guides. So here it is, warts'n'all, in it's original 'demo' state.

I dedicate this to Ade, to Retnev who was so helpful restoring my AC50 (and who has also given very welcome support musically), and of course to my dear friend, Brad.

I miss ya, man.

Two More Bottles of Wine


Sounds good to me Deke. The rawness of the track adds to the feel. Sounds like you're on the right track.


Way to go, Daddyo! That RAWKS!


That was great, Deke!

I hear what you mean about losing a member of your band. I haven't really had the desire to get a band going since I found (my friend/bass player/producer) Bob, dead a couple years back. It just sort of knocked the wind out of my sails. I'm coming around to the notion of doing it again, and have been writing non stop, but now Covid got us all jammed up.

You're sounding in great form, buddy, congrats!


That's great, Deke! Always liked that song! Particularly fond of Emmylou Harris' version(s). Very nice job!


Very enjoyable! I really liked the “live” feeling, it had a lot of energy.


Thanks for those kind words gents, I'm glad you liked it.

I too was pleased with how 'live' it came out, I think this is due in part to the fact that all of the tracks are, to all intents and purposes, the first take. When I tried to polish up the guitar parts with 'proper' takes it seemed to drain the life out of it so as I said above, I just went with the guide tracks as they had more energy.


Lot of fire in this song Deke, a controlled and intense burn. Totally convincing delivery in the vocals and every instrument. Beautiful fidelity too, the piece really shimmers.

It's so neat the way you picked the takes that had the right energy. Note perfection is never as important as consistent energy in the perfect direction.

Thank you for the mention too. I'm very glad to have sent a little positive energy to you.


Deke I really liked this one. Killer honky tonkin', reminds me of the fun the Beat Farmers used to serve up!


Way to blow out the cobwebs, sir!

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