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Twangy Guitar and sax, “Long and Lonely Days”


Here's one in the style of my hero, Duane. My son, Reay, and I wrote it and he's playing sax on it. Cheers, Burch


Very nice! I think it's great that you wrote and recorded with your son.


Very nice. I enjoyed it a Lot. Awesome Duane tone. Great pictures.


Thanks NJBob and Nicholas. Working with my son is great for sure.


That was great Burch, just all around good music and the pictures were lovely.


This is really nice, Burch. Particularly cool that your son is on this track. Made us miss the desert.

And thanks.


Thanks Farmerbrown...and thank you Deed. It means a lot to us that you and Duane heard the track and liked it. Reay and I were talking the other day about how good that sound was that came out of that tank in Phoenix. Reay loves Duane's music too and we have have worked up several of Duane's pieces. Please give Duane our thanks too. Burch and Reay.

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