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Tommy Emmanuel - Freight Train Cover


Just continuing on the Freight Train theme. Tommy Emmanuel published some variations on Freight Train so here's my take on Tommy Emmanuel's take on Chet's take on Elizabeth's Cotten's song

So in this version it starts of in C major and modules to E major before returning to C major. E major leverages off the open E string for the bass avoiding the use of the capo that featured in Chet's version which started off in F major. It also has a verse that uses something similar to what Chet used to do in songs like Wildwood Flower ie. Mother Maybelle style 'scratching'. Tommy describes this as like 'frailing' on a banjo.


That was solid! Looks a little more difficult than Chets, at least from my POV. Very cool!


Very enjoyable!

In my opinion, part of the charm of Libba Cotten's songs is the fact that she played a right-hand guitar upside down. That resulted in her picking out the melody with her thumb. And that technique in turn produced a simple beauty in her melodies that has held up over time.


Thanks guys!

@Suprdave - in some ways it's harder because it's "busier" but Chet's version is hard because of the "spaces" which means timing errors become more obvious if that makes sense - but yeah technically TE's version is harder...

@geoguy - for sure! - she was unique!


The great thing about Freight Train is there isn't a definitive version so it's wide open to personal variations. Great job again Andrew!

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