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Three songs with Gretsch-content


Although my 'main band' is a ska-outfit, i work with the singer (Max) on other stuff. It must be more than two decades that i am friends and bandmate with him.

Here's three original songs Max wrote that we finally recorded (in my humble homestudio).

Among other gitfiddles there's a prominent G6120-DSV on all tracks!


Cats and Dogs, our belated summer-song:

Ice Around my Heart, featuring a solo on my ol' Taylor!):

(I'm a) Fool:


I enjoyed those songs . . . very easy to listen to.


The liquorice stick on Cats & Dogs is super!

Ice in My Heart- loving the major-seventh-ness of it all. Great use of acoustic rhythm to impart strength. And a nice solo break too. This one hit the strongest for me.

I'm a Fool- more of that appealing lounge vibe. Terrific backing vocal parts.

Good singing too, really smart control throughout.


Thank you! I'll pass the compliments!

While we're at it, there's a e-bow version of My Funny Valentine, right under the new songs. I guess you'll like that too.


Great recordings. Have you recorded everything (all instruments and voices) at the same time? If so it must have been a packed house.


Thanks for sharing,i enjoyed all them .


Very nice. I love originals.

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