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The Rectors in Philly


Ade! thanks for noticing that! I spent a lot of time getting relaxed with those. I learned them while playing in Mercury Radio Theater because we were a nine person orchestra and you could muddy up the harmonies really quickly if you were grabbing power chords or full barres.


Grabbed a slew of videos from our show the other night and they're on youtube for anti-facebookers!

Women are Bad - Cramps cover

Von Dexter - southern stomp instrumental

Pastor's Wife - A song about love and murder

Butt Party - a dance song about butts...nuff said.

– Dr. Buddy Mercury

Such a syrupy selection, he said dryly. Aint ya got nuthin hard-edged?


I need to work more on sounding like a psychobilly version of AC/DC


I'm relieved you didn't take me seriously above.

Happy Birthday BTW, ya ol' bastard!


Hey Buddy, I'm back in the philly area now, you have any upcoming gigs?


Hey hey! we have a couple coming up! July 19 with the Octanes is gonna rock! at Tusk and then 8/4 at the barbary with the friggin coffin daggers!


I talked with an upright player this week who is looking to play with some new folks this week and has a solid background in anyone who's looking to start something lemme know!


Haha! The Pastor's Wife is a hoot, Buddy. Really good dynamics. And that guitar, super sound.

That piped jacket is very nearly suitable for The Prisoner...

Be seeing you.


So, a heads up for all my east coasters. I made great friends with this nice chap who is an insane upright player who could use a band, so if you're looking for someone to hang out with and make a band lemme know!

I (unfortunately) only have enough time for my own band and my job, but whatever band ya'll make I'll definitely hook you up with some good shows (with us!)

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