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The Lonely One


Greetings, one and all, but particularly Deed and Duane.

Back in the day, when Duane Eddy was one of the most favorite rock and roll artists on Bandstand, and most every other venue, this one got a lot of playing time. I've always loved it. My humble rendition is far from the mark. The tremolo is a little too jerky, and a million other things, but mostly I just wanted to wish top of the day to Duane and Deed.

Best to you all.

The Lonely One


Sounded fantastic to me! Always a treat to hear you play!


I don't know how much more Duane that could be. Always a treat to hear you play Richard.


Wonderful music Richard. I just completed my 4th listening and will be coming back for more.


Richard, I think you sing with your fingers. It all sounds very lyrical.


Always good to hear from you and hear you play.


Richard, I love your playing!

I loved The Lonely One a lot, but I loved the next one up, Mama Prayed For Me, even more. Thanks for sharing such great songs and your great playing and singing.


I wish I was a little younger. I’d like to do what I can to be sure to keep Duane’s music and the wonderful sounds he has made alive for now and the future. It deserves it.

Thanks very much. I sure appreciate it.


well done, Richard ! thanks for posting it.

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