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‘The Handsome Young Stranger’ Danelectro baritone, Texotica , Victo…


Hi folks! Here’s a new song from my band The Carolyn Sills Combo off our new Marty Robbins-inspired album ‘Return to El Paso.’ ‘The Handsome Young Stranger’ is a backstory song we wrote from the perspective of the character gunned down in Rosa’s Cantina. I’m playing my Dan-o baritone through a Texotica reverb tank and my Vicky Trem de la Trem. (I’m also the voiceover, acoustic guitar, melodica and whistler)

Link: Link


Didn't look like you included a link. Hope this is the right one. Handsome Young Stranger

Love it! Love it! Love it! I love the sound of a bass/baritone guitar. Only comment would be that the voice at the beginning sounds to buried and I can't make out what is being said.


Thanks Don. Not sure why but I often get an “Awh nuts” error message when I post/comment on the GDP and the link was dropped from my initial post. Edited to include it now.


Those are great. I liked the videos you posted on these, too.


What a great guitar tone. Stuff like this is some of my favorite sounds.


Gee Billy... thanks for the constructive input. Look, if you want to tune your Danelectro E to E, call it a bass. When I tune mine B to B, I call it a baritone. This is not the first time you’ve given me the “well actually” treatment on this.

I appreciate the other GDPers who actually took the time to check out my music. Thank you.


"Great sound on guitar, very nice arrangement, I love the whole record."



"Great sound on guitar, very nice arrangement, I love the whole record."


– Deed Eddy

Be still, my heart! Thank you Duane and Deed! That means more than I can possibly say! Wow...


first off congrats on the record..and usin some beautiful gear..the texotica reverb unit is the gold standard...and the victoria..super nice!! great of luck

but actually bz is's a 6 string bass that dano released...if you change the tuning of a fender bass vi, it's still a fender bass vi!!

all the related info- a great read!!

(mentions duane E of course!)



Thanks Neatone! Yes, the Texotica is something special. I so wish I had bought one of Billy’s amps before he ceased production!

And in terms of the bass vs baritone debate, the way I see it is that had I used a Danelectro from the 50s that had been built and marketed as a 6 string bass tuned E to E, I would call it a 6 string bass. But as my instrument was made in the 90s and built and marketed as a baritone tuned B to B (as in the pic Charlie Vegas posted), I call it what it is: a baritone. And this is officially the nerdiest guitar debate ever ha ha ha


I thought the difference between bass guitar & baritone guitar was a matter of scale length?

Greatly enjoying the clips you've posted from that album, by the way.


Love the Dano 4 string bass on this. Always assumed it was a six string bass, but no! So I'd be happy with an actual bass like this, no sloppiness or tuning issues either. The baritone certainly has a different vibe


Once again...just for the record: The instrument is a Bass Guitar. Baritone is an alternate tuning for a Bass Guitar that became popular in the '90's. There was no such thing in the 50's & 60's.


Man I love me some great BARITONE guitar.


I thought the difference between bass guitar & baritone guitar was a matter of scale length?

Greatly enjoying the clips you've posted from that album, by the way.

– geoguy

no the original dano 6 string basses had 30" scale..thats the same scale they use today for what they call baritone...

fender had some bari guitars with a 27.5 scale..but that was way later

but dano never..bari was just different tuning of 6 string bass...

pretty sure the bari/dano thing came about when jerry jones was building his dano lookalikes..when danelectro co was gone...

before the late 90's dano reissues there were no dano baritones!!

trust your bz!



Ah thanks for the comments folks. Truth be told, I bought my Dano baritone when the first Hacienda Brothers record came out. I’m a big Dave G fan and tracked down a used baritone exactly like the baritone he was using (a late 90s model.) I used to play a Dano 6 string bass, doing all the tic-tac Harold Bradley parts to Patsy Cline’s studio recordings but that was a whole different approach.

One thing I like about the Dano baritone is that it makes some songs easier to sing for me, a guy with a lower voice. I can usually drop a song a key or two if necessary on the baritone and into a comfortable singing range. I find it easier to transpose a song into a lower key on the baritone than to find the same higher pitched key on a standard guitar... if that makes sense. That, and the baritone register mixes nicely in a band situation that has one or two other lead instruments.

Gotta love that baritone sound!

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