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Wherein we chew over the quite disturbing story of mythological goddess Persephone and how her ephemeral fame squares up to her immortal existence.

There's Piano, Fenderbass, an Eko six-string acoustic and a little Les Paul fitted with Didier-Signature Surf 90s for the two electric parts. Hope you enjoy.

Edit- put up up a slightly altered mix with a solo guitar re-Q to make it a little less spiky. And with that, I'm done faffing about with this.


I enjoyed it Ade. Are the Bops a regular group, or are you all three.

The Goddess looks like she could be right from the 1920's.


Cool stuff, Ade. And LOL for the Didier/Surf 90 dig!


Love it, Ade. Takes me back to a wonderful summer in Massachusetts I spent in a cabin by a mountain lake listening to Anthony Phillips records.


Another Ade classic. Again it has that pittoresque vibe. Great bass playing. I think the tune cries for harmony singing (that I miss) but that might just be me. Clever main vocal lines. I wish I lived closer as I‘d love to come over and work with you on this. It’s inspiring.


Yes. I love music that conjures up a pastoral English countryside.


Jw, it's a MonoBop situation. The lady in the picture is Faith Bacon- she is an object example of fleeting, forgotten fame.

Twom, I still chuckle at how much Didier hated those pickups!

Thanks Bob, very glad that it has an evocative atmosphere for you.

Sascha, the forlorn, lonely subject meant I felt it to be in best spirit to sing it on my own without the aid of the Clone Choir. Thanks for the observations, particularly about the bass- that was the last part put on so there was some freewheeling fun adding the final element.


All the more impressive that it is a "MonoBop" effort.

Thanks for the introduction to Faith Bacon. Hers is a sad story. Born a few decades too early, perhaps.


JW, I was looking for a photograph of a formerly-famous person to reinforce the ephemeral fame subtext and her picture just said "I'm your gal, Ade". I had no idea who the lady in the picture was so did an image search- Faith Bacon was her name and so appallingly fitting was her story that her image is the one- even the lyric unintentionally mentions her name.

In a song which explores in the second verse humanity's compulsion to eventually throw everything (even gods) into the bin perhaps serendipity has given us a chance to not let Faith Bacon be completely forgotten. Not yet.

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