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Tennessee Waltz


Outstanding Richard. Your version is as good as the best I've ever heard and far better than most.

I hope you get the opportunity to visit with your friend and that he is lucid when you do.


Thank you, JW. That is humbling. I sat down over the weekend and wrote a rather lengthy letter to my friend. Someone gave me the address of the facility where he is staying. I tried to keep the tone in the now, instead of it's been a great ride. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank him for what his encouragement and mentorship has always meant to me. I don't even know if he is capable of reading and comprehending at the moment, but maybe one of the staff will take the time to at least read it to him.

I appreciate you taking the time.


Richard, as always your timing and taste is exceptional! Well done.


Very nicely done, as always, Richard. I was particularly impressed by the tempo of the song and your ability to keep it right there. It was slow, yet had something of a bounce to it.


Thank you, Don. I've been keeping up with your patronage of good Mexican Restaurants in your area. We'll have to enjoy some of that spicy cuisine together sometime, and maybe some picking afterwards.

Bob, I chose that tempo because it just felt so right. It's a little faster than the Patti Page version, but not much. Thanks for your kind words.


Hey Mr H, I always enjoy listening to you on your Gibson CE, you can't hide behind anything when playing that and as ever it shows that you don't need to


Paul, you're one of the finest players I have ever heard. You are very kind with your assessment, as you are in real life. Some day soon the right person is going to hear you play, and you'll be off to the races. You will always have 2 huge fans in Oklahoma.


I love that this thread keeps coming back, gives everyone a chance to hear it in case they missed it before .

I'm listening again with nice headphones and a decent interface and it really is a great job.


If I'm having a stressful day, this is the tune I'd want to listen to. Wonderfully done!

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