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Tears In Heaven


Ah, yes, that is what you say now until you actually had to gig with me.

That could go both ways. I can carry a tune and stick to a harmony, but no one hires me as a singer. And we could ask Samwompus about my rhythm...


Really enjoyed that, Bob -- both the playing and the vocals. And the sound was very good. That Baggs system really does seem to get the job done.


Took me a while to get to it, but yes indeed- nicely done, Bob!


Nice job, Sir. I'd go to a gig with you and Tim.


I'd go to a gig with you and Tim. -- Suprdave

Dave, I think that we could both rely upon Proteus to carry us!


Heartfelt performance of a lovely song. You should post more :)


Bit late to the party, but I really enjoyed that. I've not see you play or sing before, so it was a nice treat for me.

Thanks for sharing.


Even later to the party than Deke...but damn, Bob! That was beautiful. That song always brings a lump to my throat and you nailed it.

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, Greg. Coming from a guy who strives to get things "right", I appreciate your remarks very much.

We haven't seen much from The Wheelgrinders of late. Any new videos in the works?


I know this comment is coming out of "heaven" , but it is deftly played and vocally so well done! Was a true pleasure to listen to, and I showed it to my senior (HS) daughter who also commented on the realness and authenticity (before I told her it was a cover - not that it made a diff in her appraisal). She was also impressed. You are a multi-instrumentalist I would love to meet. Sorry to be a gorilla in the mist with this comment, life deals us cards that divert attention at times. Thanks, RickyBob!!!


Well I missed it the first time around, but this was really nicely done. I especially appreciated the picking in the solo section.


You've received some very nice, heartfelt comments here, Bob, and, all well deserved. I have always been impressed with your musical abilities from the very first, and this only adds to that. The very best from you and to you, Sir. Very well done.


Just listened to it again. Again, nicely done counselor.

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