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Tears In Heaven


I just put a L.R. Baggs Lyric Classical pickup in my old Martin N-20 and had a chance to perform with it last weekend. I created a video while using it this evening to share with friends and family over on FB where hopefully it will be stolen by Cambridge Analytica and spread all over the world along with all of our contact information. But, I digress.

In any event, I have never posted much of my performing here on the GDP simply because I never had the tools to capture anything. But, with this one on video, I thought that I would share it here. Setup is pretty primitive -- just a camera on a tripod. If I dumb it down far enough, even I can figure out how to do it!


Nicely done! N-20 is the same guitar Willie Nelson uses, right? Yours sounds great.

As I am a piano player, I enjoyed your piano's history. Well loved instrument.


Great work, Bob! Keep 'em coming.


Great Job, Ric! Liked it a lot. I hear a lot of people using far more elaborate setups to record and they frequently do not sound as good as your simple camera recording.

I didn't catch the name of your German piano.


Such a rare treat to hear you play and sing Bob. The only other time I can recall was that cool film of you playing a tasty surf arrangement of 'Linus and Lucy' on the Minty Green Fender, which was just dandy.

What a lovely voice, great control, rich tone and genuine connectivity. The guitar sure sounds honeyed too with tight, clean touch, crisp timing and the looper was a neat surprise for the compact, sweet solo.

And that piano- I'd love to hear you play it. Piano is something I enjoy to play more and more, this winter I've had many hours channeling Schroeder! Your introduction was another treat itself, the story of how this piano has been in your orbit for many years has real resonance and depth. This video is so enjoyable for many reasons.

Thanks to Cambridge Analytica's subtle persuasions, you have been voted up.


Never knew you were such a soulful crooner!


Strummerson, I'm about to go on a little tour. I take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy Pesach, blessings to all.


Great job, Bob. I really enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.


That was just terrific Bob. Your soulful voice is perfect for this tune.


Fantastic, Bob. I'm proud to have this one in my YouTube watch history.


You sing and play great! You nailed this song. Thanks for posting it!


Thanks so much, fellows, for your kind words. I do know my limitations, but this type of song is the type that I have long performed. Simple guitar work and melodic vocal lines.

@Wabashslim: Yep, that is the same model of Martin nylon string guitar that Willie uses. Only mine still has most of the original wood in the soundhole area!

@Don Birchett: Don, that piano is a Brambach. It is about a 5' baby grand and it has certainly stood the test of time in my family.

@Ade: Thanks so much, Adrian, for your remarks. Greatly appreciated. There is a certain lack of balance that I am experiencing from string to string. It could be the strings that I put on it, but some strings are louder than others. The G string is pretty soft. The pickup is a microphone, rather than a piezo type pickup, so I am not sure just what would be contributing to that.

Thanks again, Gents!


Very nice, Bob! And what a lovely sounding guitar it is.


Thanks Bob, that was great!


Thanks for sharing this clip, I enjoyed listening.


I enjoyed that, RicBob.


Well done, sir! You've got a fine voice.


Nice work, RBob. No surprise to those of us who've heard you at Roundups - but you got the stuff.

Wish we lived closer, maybe we'd gig.


Nice work, RBob. No surprise to those of us who've heard you at Roundups - but you got the stuff.

Wish we lived closer, maybe we'd gig.

– Proteus

Ah, yes, that is what you say now until you actually had to gig with me.


You have a great feeling for that song, Bob. It really touched me. Thanks for posting.

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