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Take the Stray Train


Great playing!

Are those the original Gretschbucker pickups that came in that guitar? If so, they sound great in that application.


That was just sensational!! I was waiting for the fingerboard to burst into flames!

While listening, I pictured a scene in a high school gym around 1958 with you playin' this and all the kids doin' the jitterbug.


Awesome, gets cat approvement, Brian would love it! Big thumbs up!


This guy is dynamite, his right hand us like a prize fighter. Great feel and timing, plus his lessons are great, easy to follow too


That's a fantastic performance and recording!

I noticed in the comments for another video you mentioned using Amplitude. Is this what you used here as well? If so, do you have any tips or particular settings you would recommend for getting your tone? I've been able to get some great decent clean/surf tones, but have always struggled for a more hi-fi, Setzer-ish sound - which you nailed!

Again, thanks for sharing the track. Love it!


Gobsmacked Ste! That is absolutely outstanding!

My first impulse when I see/hear guitar playing like that is to humbly bow out of the guitar playing arena and hand in my pick on the way out the door.

But that’s very quickly replaced with the urge to hit the woodshed, practice more and improve my own playing.

Very inspiring!


" Very Inspiring "

Gotta say, reached for a guitar at the end of this clip. Some very fine playing there my friend, inspiring for sure. Ive not had seen your playing before, just sitting here trying to follow your "20 Flight Rock" Cochran tutorial.....goodness gracious, what a pair of hands you have, I'm sure its old news to some, but not this Old Dog, very well done.



Fun! the world needs more of this kind of thing........great stuff.


Hey folks, many, many thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, it´s sincerely appreciated !!

Yeah, my Gretsch is just a stock 5120, the only ´mod´ are the dice, ha, I think face up they add up to 13

A quick word about the gear, well I basically go into a Nocturne Brain (thanks Tavo!) and then into my soundcard and record directly onto the pc. I´ve been usuing Amplitube for a few years and it seems to do the trick, for recording at least. The sound and settings are pretty basic to be honest, it´s basically a kind of Marshall amp sound with the gain around the middle or a touch lower and the Brain to help add a bit more grit and help with the playing dynamics. The treble and mids are quite high and the bass rolled off quite a bit, then a little reverb and some slapback.

Of course I´d love to upgrade to a pro-line one day .....well, I can dream!!

For this recording and how I sometimes record, I record the guitar part with the neck pickup, some delay and perhaps a tiny amount of reverb and pan it to the right (in this case). I then record the guitar part again using the bridge pickup, no delay but a bit more reverb and pan it to the left. Of course doing that live wouldn´t be possible and for this track I use the neck pickup if I´m just playing it by myself or practising it, etc. I find the differences in tone and slight differences in each performance help to naturally widen the sound.

Many thanks again for all the kind words!!


Superb, really captures the feel and shows off your own style as well. Hope you can swing a pro line soon, but your current rig sounds just fine.


Yeah! They ain't nuthin' wrong wid dat. Good stuff.


Great to hear a new tune from you Steve. Funnily enough, I'd been watching some of your videos very recently. Always excellent, confident and assured picking from you.

As an aside, if anyone is interested in playing in an Eddie Cochran style, you could do a lot worse than to check out Steve's very cool tutorial. Really nails some of the distinctive oddities in Eddie's playing that so often get missed, but when added in really make it just right.


That's a crazy good flat picking hand. I've been preaching about Gretsch Buckers for years. They just don't get enough love.


I'm going to have to steal :54-:56. Sorry/thanks.

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