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Take My Hand, Precious Lord


This is an old hymn that has been with me since childhood and has always been one of my favorites to play. I hope you enjoy it.

Precious Lord


Thanks Richard. A great song, fantastic artistry,... really made my night.


Thank you, antik. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Off to bed for this old toot now.


Very nice, Richard, Our band has been working that one up for a little while, but I really like your version. I like the phaser/chorus break in there.


I know it's just you playing fantastically, but it sound like a trio of gifted musicians.


Great! Thank you Richard i really enjoyed it.


Richard, we really have to do a Gospel Show at the Nashville Roundup. I would love to be your bass player and maybe add a rhythm player and tubwampus on drums.

Your Gospel music inspires me to no end.


You guys are so very kind. The guitar and the music it yields speaks peace to me in many ways. Your rewards of making those nice comments make it all worth while and then some. I sincerely Thank you all very much.

Bear, we'll find a rythym player and that tub pounding guy will put the icing on the cake. To borrow a phrase from some of the old country music stars, we'll do it "good Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise."


Amazingly, this happened to be on the set list when I got to church this morning to set up...not nearly as well done or artisitic as Richards version, the same message nonetheless.


Wish I could play like that. Thank you Mr. Hudson!


Thank you, fellas. We don't hear the old hymns nearly as much as we once did, but they are still just as beautiful, nonetheless. I appreciate it.


Thanks, Richard, for yet another great version of a classic gospel song. A wonderful way to close out my Sunday!


Delightful Mr Hudson, I need say no more :D


Very nicely done, Richard. Very soothing.

Our crowd, at church, is still pretty old school where music is concerned. And for me personally, the old Hymns are hard to beat.


Lovely :)


Really pretty tune . . . well done, Richard.


Thanks very much, Guys. If I make it to the Nashville Roundup, Bear and I and some other recruits plan to do a Gospel set. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, especially Bear. It means a lot that you take the time to listen to me.



– Geoff_Vane


– Geoff Vane

Is it time to pass the plate? :D


I just got the chance to listen to this one, Richard. Like you, this one was one of my favorite hymns to hear sung when I was a youngster. And your recording of it is just perfect.

I enjoy the tone that you achieve with your Country Gent, particularly when you slide up a half-step into a double stop or a triad. The guitar just rings out when you do that.



EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT! A blessing indeed! I still like the old hymns too, as well as the contemporary praise & worship. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Richard!


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