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Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto


Love this song. Although I never knew the lyric meaning (now I see them translated) I always loved the emotional vibe I got from this song.


One of my grandma's favorites.. I remember this blasting by her tiki bar for some reason!

then this happened in the 70's


Oh yeah I remember that Taste of Honey cover. Nothing bezts the original. The original was even in an episode of Taxi.


Darn, just realized I put this in Your Tunes not the Tube forum.


Nice. A Duane Eddy style instro version would be cool.


When that song came out, it seemed to be playing every time that you turned the radio on.


Still sounds fresh and haunting today.

BTW, didn't Sakamoto die in a plane crash at a relatively young age?


General you are correct. He died on Monday, August 12, 1985, Japan Airlines Flight 123 passenger flight from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Osaka International Airport, Japan. Aged 43.

So sad, so young. I was just out of high school 2 months when he died. Never knew of him though.


I seem to recall that at the Delta Crossroads Roundup in 2015 Hoot Owl (Dave) performed a fantastic acoustic version of Sukiyaki on his Rancher.


I know this tune and I don't know or remember why. Not this version but probably an easy listening version when I was a kid that played on the radio channel my father used to listen to. I'm going to have look into this cause now I'm interested.


Hey I found it

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